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Welcome to the UConn Stamford Campus!

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Adjunct Workspace

The adjunct workspace is on the third floor outside of the copier/printer room 3.31A. There are six (6) desks, PC computers, whiteboards, bookshelves and coat racks available for adjunct faculty use. You are more than welcome to utilize this space for course-related activities, including office hours, meetings with students, and administrative matters. The desks are first come, first served. Please do not leave any personal items in them.

  • Short-term private offices:
    • Offices 3.26 & 3.33 are locations where you can meet with students for office hours, and/or conversations that require privacy. Office availability is generally first come, first served, but there is a sign-up sheet posted on each door if you would like to reserve time in advance. These offices are not locked, and are not meant for long-term storage or use. Please note that the sign-up sheet to secure each space is a shared communal system, so please be courteous to your colleagues.
    • It is possible to obtain temporary space for added office hours and/or larger gatherings with students, such as review or study sessions, by contacting Maxine Tobias in the Registrar’s Office and/or Kathy Harrison in Event’s & Conference services.
  • Lockers:
    • Short-term/daily use adjunct lockers have been installed in room 3.53.
      • All lockers are the property of UConn and therefore reserves the right to inspect lockers at any time with or without permission of the user.
          • If the locker has to be opened by anyone other than the person using the locker, a member of the operations team and a representative of UCONN Police and/or Administration shall be present.
      • Users are responsible for all items placed in a locker and UCONN will not be responsible for any loss or damage to items stored in the locker.
      • All lockers are intended for daily usage/short-term storage.
      • Lockers must be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner and kept free from accumulation of food and trash. No food items are allowed in the lockers.
      • Sharing of combinations with others compromises the security of the lockers. The only way to guarantee that no one can enter your locker without your permission is by keeping your locker combination completely private.
      • Users must empty contents of the lockers as instructed by the operations team and/or administration for the purposes of cleaning and general maintenance.
      • Pursuant to the locker guidelines, a user who has lost/forgotten their code may request that their locker be open in order to gain access to the contents.
      • Lockers are opened based upon availability of staff and during normal business hours.
        • Monday- Friday: 9am-4pm
        • A valid UConn ID card is required and the user of the locker must be present when their locker is opened.

        For lost/forgotten user codes please contact:


Updating Contact Information

All new adjunct faculty members are required to complete a Biographical and Contact Information Form.

Returning adjuncts should use the Biographical and Contact Information Form to update their information as needed.

Submit Biographical and Contact Information

Parking Information

Permit parking is available in the UConn Stamford Parking Lot located at 1194 Washington Blvd., Stamford, CT 06901 (map).  Any faculty members that have a medical handicap placard can request to be in the Target garage.

Special Payroll employees and all Adjunct Faculty may register and purchase a permit online or at the Parking Services Office, which is located on the Storrs Campus (map).

Apply for Parking

Special Payroll parking permit applicants will be required to provide the following information:

  • your NetID and password
  • a copy of your appointment or contract letter
  • vehicle’s make, model, color and year
  • vehicle registration number (license plate)

Accessing UConn Email

University email accounts and calendars for faculty and staff are hosted on Microsoft Office 365.

Access Email

Additional Resources


NetID Activation & UConn ID

The NetID is the Network Identifier that UConn issues to allow access to certain computing services.

Find my NetID

Activate my NetID

UConn ID is available at the Registrar’s office, room 219.  Please bring a form of state or federal picture ID such as a driver’s license or passport.  Their office hours are M-F from 9 – 4:30 PM.    


If you receive a paper check in place of direct deposit, please note the following:

  • Checks are distributed to employees, via the Operations Department, on pay week Fridays.
  • All employees will be emailed if a paper check has arrived and the time frame to retrieve the check.
    • Alternative paycheck pick-up arrangements will be outline in the above email.
  • Employees will be notified whenever a check distribution date is to be changed due to a holiday, inclement weather, etc.

    State of Connecticut payroll checks are valid for six months. If you are in possession of an outdated payroll check, please return it to the Payroll Department and we will forward it to the Treasury for reissue.  If you have misplaced a payroll check, you may request a replacement by completing a lost check affidavit in the Payroll Department. You will be asked to provide the date of the missing check and your picture ID. Lost check affidavits must be signed in the presence of a notary public. Notaries are available in the Payroll Department. If you are unable to come to the Storrs Campus, we can mail/email the affidavit to you and you can bring it to the notary of your choice.

    The check replacement process takes approximately two to four weeks to complete. Once your replacement check has been issued, you may request:

    • To claim the check in the Payroll Office
    • Have it distributed with your regular check
    • Have it mailed to your home address

    Direct deposit is recommended for all University of Connecticut employees. Employees who reside outside of Connecticut, or who work at regional campuses, are strongly encouraged to participate. Please note that once a Direct Deposit has been established, all State of Connecticut earnings will be issued via Direct Deposit regardless of state agency.

    Direct deposit has several benefits including:

    • No need to manually deposit a check each pay period
    • Protection against the loss or theft of checks
    • Timely and reliable payments
    • Funds from direct deposit payments are accessible earlier than the funds from checks
    • There is no cost to employees who elect to be paid via direct deposit.  In fact, many banks offer free checking services to individuals with direct deposit.
    • Direct deposit is GREEN, efficient and environmentally friendly.

    To sign up for direct deposit, log into Core-CT via and navigate to Main Menu>Self Service>Payroll>Direct Deposit. You will be asked to enter your bank account and routing number. Direct deposit requests take two weeks (one pay period) to process. For more information, check out our post on Everything You Need to Know about Direct Deposit at UConn.

    The initial set-up of a direct deposit takes one to two pay periods to complete. Each new direct deposit account that is entered into the State’s Core-CT system must pass the State’s “pre-note process.”

    During this period, paper checks continue to be issued while the new account is tested. A $0.01 deposit will be made to the new account on the pay date preceding the direct deposit effective date.

    Access Core-CT Portal

    Important University Policies and Procedures

    There are many university policies and procedures for faculty to uphold. The Faculty Resource Guide aims to highlight a handful of the university’s policies and procedures. It is encouraged for faculty to educate themselves on the various university policies and procedures.

    Below are brief descriptions of some of the policies and procedures that faculty should become familiar with.

    Information Technology Services

    Training requests for classrooms and other services can be made by contacting the IT Help Center 203-251-9599 or The Stamford Campus IT Help Center is located in the Learning Commons of the Jeremy Richard Library.

    Copying & Mail Services

    Two faculty copiers located in room 3.31A are available for faculty use from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Fridays. In addition, copiers are available in room 1.11. For access to room 1.11, visit the Welcome Center during business hours.

    Outgoing mail service is available only for University business. The mail is posted Monday through Friday only. Mail to be sent by the United States Postal Service must be posted by 10:00 a.m. in order to be posted that day or it will go out the next business day.

    All faculty members are assigned mailboxes located in mail distribution area near the faculty offices.

    Please see Welcome center for copier code and to set up your mailbox.

    Shuttle Bus and Alternative Transportation

    The campus shuttle bus is free and runs on a continuous loop from Franklin Street (exit by the UConn Cafe and cross to the Whitey Heist Park) to the Stamford Transportation Center. The shuttle runs Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. The last run from Franklin St. will be 10:15 p.m. The Shuttle does not run during academic breaks or the summer sessions.

    UConn issued ID is needed to ride the bus and must be shown to the driver. If you have visitors or guest lecturers coming to the campus and need to use the shuttle, you can get a Shuttle Bus Pass from the Welcome Center for the duration of your visitor’s stay. That pass must be turned in to the driver on departure.

    Live shuttle bus tracker:

    Download the App here:

    Android App

    iPhone App

    Alternative Transportation

    • CT Rides: Connecticut’s centralized commuting resource.
    • CT Transit: The 313 West Broad Street bus travels from the Stamford Train Station to the Stamford Campus. View route info.
    • Harbor Point Trolley: Ride the Trolley for FREE! The route runs every day in a 14-stop, 30-minute clockwise loop.View live trolley tracker.
    • Taxi: Taxis are always available at the Stamford Train Station.
    • Walking: The campus is a 0.7 mile walk from the Stamford Train Station. Take Washington Blvd. to walk directly to the campus. View Google Map.